Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Avery at 14 1/2 months:

23.5 lbs
31.5 inches
Walks, runs, climbs, dances (bounces), rides a little rolling turtle, climbs up her playhouse and goes down the slide on her own, kicks her soccer ball, makes baskets in her hoop, gives hugs and kisses all the time, walks peyton around on her leash in the house, uses a spoon and fork on her own, drinks from her sippy cup, loves reading books, climbs into mommy or daddy's lap to read books, empties mommy's clothes drawers everyday :)
Says: mama, dada, bath, ball, bubble, turtle, doggie, baby, bowl, banana(comes out ba), bow (although she stil won't wear one in her hair), still a ton of animal noises.
Signs: water, eat, again, all done
Favorite foods: Leek soup, bananas, pears, cheese, berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries), eggs, oatmeal, sugar snap peas, chili, pancakes, peach yogurt, milk, and tries to drink mommy or daddy's protein shake!
Takes one nap a day, about 1-4 (roughly)
Typical week:
Monday: open gym 10:30-11:30 (huge gymnastics gym is set up for kids so lots of running on trampolines, playing in the foam pit, climbing, and crawling! daddy has been able to go with us for the last few weeks which is awesome) and grocery store in the afternoon
Tues: We go to practice to hang out with daddy and the girls
Wed: Library story time 10:30-12 (stay for both classes for singing, clapping, reading, and playing with her friends)
Thurs: hang out at home, go to a game if there is one at home in the evening
Fri: hang at home, sometimes daddy gets off early enough to go to annapolis for dinner
Sat: hang at home, go to game if there is one. Thinking about starting a mommy and me swim class on Saturdays
Sun: usually a home game or hang at home, haven't tried any churches but want to start looking for one.

She is just the most wonderful baby girl, funny, curious, active, loving, fiesty at times, but overall just a blast to hang with! She is easy to take places, but needs to be around people often before she will warm up to them. She's finally starting to get used to the girls and will give them all hugs or high fives. She does not like anyone besides mommy or daddy to pick her up, so as long as new people don't try that she is great!

I can't tell you how much joy she brings me everyday. I love her so much and am amazed that this love continues to grow!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing time with that gorgeous little girl!