Monday, April 6, 2009

04/06/09 : Week 11

Week 11:

This week I go for my second doctor's visit....will post update Wednesday.

Still feeling some sickness throughout the day, but nothing unmanageable. Kyle has been a trooper with my food cravings/aversions! He understands that I have the need to eat a lot of cheese and crackers, cherry tomatoes, very cold ice water, orange juice, baked potatoes, and a lot of kettle corn (the last one is nothing new!).

I have been maintaining my work out schedule which has really helped keep my energy level up as well as self confidence. Also, I know it is good for the baby and will keep me strong for the labor. When I feel like sleeping in, I try to remember these things for motivation!

We went stroller shopping on Saturday and we have agreed on getting some sort of jogging stroller with a car seat adapter kit. This will allow us to take the stroller everywhere we go, around the neighborhood, parks, hiking, jogging, shopping, games, traveling, etc. Now we are comparing brands and prices, thinking about Craigslist if we decide to go high end. My coworker is giving us her crib, which is amazing. We're trying not to collect too many baby things yet, simply because of lack of space. Anything we get at this point has to go right to our storage unit.

There are so many things to consider. Every time I talk to a mom, she tells me about more gizmos and gadgets that are helpful. Most of the time I didn't even know about them, like a triangle shaped cushion you can put under your newborn when they are sleeping to help angle them properly for digestion! Who knew??!

Grahm: The Unlikely Pug

We took Grahm to a Pug meetup at Bull Creek Park. The theme was pug luau, and most pugs were dressed festively and enjoyed the pug company. Of course, Grahm is not your usual pug and he opted out of participating in the events (pug limbo contest anyone??, seriously, that really happened!) Here are a few pics of the event and a video showing how Grahm spent his day...