Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday, I celebrated my first Mother's Day on the "mother" side of things. It was amazing! Of course Kyle had a special day planned. I woke with orders to stay in bed with Avery while he made breakfast. Avery and I lounged in bed and played with toys. We got dressed and by then we were ready for the day. Shayla was already gone, I assume to set up some sort of surprise. Kyle, Avery, and I drove to Quack's (our favorite coffee shop) and got lattes. Then we drove to our park (I call it "our" park because we walk there almost daily with Peyton). Shayla had already set up presents and flowers at a picnic table. Shayla got Avery a bunch of really cute 24 month clothes and Breanna got me a gift certificate for a pedicure (much needed and appreciated!). Kyle did the most amazing thing and paid off mine and Avery's hospital bill which we have been making payments on (and were supposed to be paying off until October), so now we officially own Avery :) He also got me the most perfect charm necklace with Avery's name engraved, a charm with little baby feet, and her birthstone. I love it so much and he as usual knows exactly how to make my heart melt! We then enjoyed our delicious bagel sandwiches and lattes!

Later, we went to the Austin Zoo. It's a rehab zoo and on the outskirts of Austin. Avery loved it and the adults might have loved it even more! Fun to get out of the city and enjoy some wildlife. I could see us visiting the zoo quite often with Avery if we stay here.

We watched Avatar last night, I wasn't too excited but now I am in love with it! Can I have one of those whispering trees?!!

Great day, reminds me how much I love my life and that I have SO much to be thankful for!!!